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  1. Leads-to-Listings™ provides qualified leads. We don't just deliver leads, we deliver property owners who are ready to sell.
  2. Leads-to-Listings™ provides targeted leads. With its surgical targeting ability, Leads-to-Listings™ lets you target specific geographic marketing areas and customer segments, allowing you to focus your marketing efforts on the prospects that you're most interested in.
  3. Leads-to-Listings™ drastically accelerates your productivity. If your goal is to drastically increase your transaction rate or simply to add a few extra closings per month then Leads-to-Listings™ can put you on the winning track. While other agents are scurrying to find their next lead, you will be easily clicking from one hot lead to the next.
  4. Leads-to-Listings™ is easy to use. There are no thick manuals to read. You can be ready to roll in just a few minutes. Our ultra-friendly user interface makes it fast and easy to plan and schedule all the activities associated with the marketing, managing and closing your listings.
  5. Leads-to-Listings™ is fast. FSBO leads are downloaded directly to your computer in seconds. A FSBO marketing campaign can be launched in the matter of minutes, with little effort.
  6. Leads-to-Listings™ is cost effective. Finding, motivating, and training an assistant to search through newspapers and websites and compile the data on a daily basis is costly and time-consuming. Using Leads-to-Listings™ is like getting a full-time assistant that produces dozens of leads every month-without employee turnover.
  7. Leads-to-Listings™ is affordable. There's no expensive software to buy. We provide everything you need to get started with our low priced subscription service. You can be up and running for less than $1 per day. That's less than the price of a cup of coffee!
  8. Leads-to-Listings™ provides information at your fingertips. Knowledge is power, and our powerful contact and database management software makes it easy to search, sort, and analyze every detail-all in one convenient place.
  9. Leads-to-Listings™ will help increase revenue. Leads-to-Listings™ enables you to gather, track, and manage the prospecting process more efficiently, which will save you time and increase your revenue.
  10. Leads-to-Listings™ gets results. And the results are nothing short of incredible!

As a new subscriber1 you will receive the following:

  • Daily access to MLS Expired listings2 & new FSBO leads
  • FREE Contact Manager software designed specifically for RE professionals
  • FREE and Sophisticated Website Creator
  • FREE & Unlimited FSBO Conversion Marketing Websites
  • FREE & Unlimited email account
  • FREE FSBO calling scripts
  • FREE Leads-to-Listings™ marketing scripts
  • FREE software upgrades

There's a lot more to come!

1. The actual list of features will be determined by the level of your subscription.
2. For the time being the expired listings are included only in The Total Solution package.

Features List TOTAL Solution
$59.95 monthly
$49.95 monthly
Leads Plus
$39.95 monthly
$29.95 monthly
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All leads are checked against the Do-Not-Call list and include "legitimacy" FSBO score - Ad Rating

  1. Ad Rating shows the likely quality of a lead as a number (1-5).
  2. Marketing Web Sites Wizard Builder - A marketing tools that helps agents to promote their services using their prospects as a promotional vehicle
  3. MLS Expired Listings - (Requires up to 72 hours of activation time)
  4. Advertising History shows changes and publication dates for repeating ads.
  5. Automated Website Promotion via RTT developed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process. All Marketing Websites automatically submitted to all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MS Bing, etc.

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